The Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop is a family business handed down from grandfather Seth Kane Kwei to son Ernest 'Cedi' Anang Kwei to Eric Adjetey Anang, who manages the shop today with the help of his father and a group of apprentices. 


the next generation

Eric Adjetey Anang

I was born in Teshie, where I grew up in the compound where my family's workshop is located. At eight years old, I began helping around the workshop, learning the tools of the trade that has supported my family my entire life.

As I completed Senior High School, I didn't know what to do next. I could have started university, but instead I chose to honor my family's legacy and join the family business by working as an apprentice.

When my grandfather passed away, the shop had started to go downhill as bills pilled up and former apprentices embarked on their own businesses. I decided to pour my heart into the shop and see if I could turn it around. 

At age 20, I took over the shop because I was determined not to let my grandfather's name die. It has been a worthwhile investment. Over time, as Ghana's economy has improved, tourism grows, and interest in our traditions has resurged, the shop is slowly reclaiming its glory days.  

My grandfather used to say “always in this world, whatever position or wherever you may be, you should always have something in your finger tips. When I am gone, I am gone with my knowledge. And that will be the time people will see your knowledge too.”

I hope that that time is now, and that I can share the work of my family with the rest of the world.